Celebrating the Winston-Salem Sound (Live at the Ramkat 2018)

Sacred Irony

Corky McMillan remembers:

Heartbreak at Love Valley: It was Sacred Irony's big chance to break out of the Winston Salem music scene to a regional or national audience. As one of the most popular local bands at the time and one of the only bands playing their own material, it seemed like the logical next step. A top spot at the Love Valley Music festival was our big chance for exposure to a larger audience. Who knows, maybe even national recognition, as had occurred for an unknown band called Grand Funk Railroad after the Atlanta pop festival? Filled with anticipation, the band trekked to Love Valley and waited their turn at the big stage, while major acts played one after another. Finally, during the evening of the main night, their turn arrived, and they started setting up. But there was problem. The Allman Brothers wanted to play a second time and, as one of the main acts, had the power to take their slot. Sacred Irony were instead offered a slot playing at a party for the workers. How degrading. The band never really got over the slight and broke up some time later. We are left to wonder what may have happened if this chance at the big time had taken place. Who knows? Record deals? New management?


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